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YUMMY @ Fringe World gets 8/10 Fresh and tasty dishes

YUMMY @ Fringe World
January 27 – February 3 2018, 9:30pm
De Parel Spiegeltent, The Pleasure Garden


Melbourne favourites YUMMY popped their Perth FRINGE WORLD cherry to a sold out, starry eyed audience on the opening weekend of Fringe 2018, in a blaze of glory, glitter and sequins. The brain child of the incomparable James Welsby (of Briefs and Glory Box), YUMMY fuses dance, burlesque, circus, comedy, drag and gender fuckery in a deliciously camp and crowd pleasing romp.

Beloved Melbourne drag queen Karen from Finance plays hostess to an evening of glamour in her characteristically high octane fashion, full to the brim with fast curves and verbal swerves. Opening night nerves possibly led to an overly verbose introduction as the audience hungrily awaited more of the taster served as an entrée by the cast of YUMMY after they burst onto the stage and into audience hearts with a frenetic, impeccably choreographed group number. These remained crowd favourites throughout, and we’re greedy for more. Not to be outdone, Karen’s final act appeased and pleased, eliciting deserved belly laughs all round.

Standout performances include the stunning Beni Lola, as she wowed the crowd with an eye popping, subversive statement piece about the sexualisation of women’s bodies and bodily autonomy, as she won many hearts whilst booty slamming mindsets with a well-deserved jolt. Worth the price of admission alone for this message, worth shouting from the top of any spiegeltent.

While beginning with the traditional, Hannie Helsden’s burlesque flavoured hula hooping goodness built to a consummate crescendo, with an unprecedented human slinky denouement which left the audience gasping.

Perth chanteuse Joni in the Moon was, fairly predictably, utterly sublime as she sidled through the panting crowd, in what is indubitably a memorable moment of calm beauty as she sings with such pain and depth. It’s almost as though she is reaching into your very soul and gripping the heart with a velvet-gloved hand in a moving pause for breath.

Jandruze and Joni

The musical choices are nothing less than perfection, and there is not one whiff of the predictable. Not even once, especially when suddenly confronted with a mash-up of grindcore versus vaudevillian tap-dancing queen. Or the flawless Jandruze’s full windswept eleganza, in one of the most timeless dance pieces to grace a Fringe World stage. The costuming is next level and nothing short of pure delight with each reveal, and the Licky Licky looks are a notable stroke of genius.

No review would be complete without a slight spoiler, so just beware the baby. The baby piece is unforgettable, incredible, and for those more predisposed to the twisted, it will tickle your soul and make you live.

Hannie Helsden human slinky

Thematically speaking, the glue holding YUMMY together is, quite simply, joy. This is obviously more than just a cast of performers, but a fabulous family held together with love.

Other than a couple of dips in energy with some less memorable acts, the only notes would be a wish to provide us with more payoff amidst the fuckery. Feed us a message, give us some pain, and more reasons to walk away thinking about what has been thrust at our eager faces. YUMMY has the potential for a wondrous platform for change with this magical concoction. They’ve extended the invitation and taken us to church, now we await communion.

YUMMY is a must-see on your Fringe 18 adventures. Add it to your list and feast on the deliciousness.


Photos by Jason Matz Photography



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