YOUR GIRL PHO Don’t Wanna gets 7.5/10

Your Girl Pho
Don’t Wanna


Your Girl Pho kicks off her new single Don’t Wanna (out this week) with a slow, funky beat before slipping in with a dry voice and some challenging lyrics. The follow up to previous 2019 singles Five-Thirty PM and Manipulate, Perth’s own Phoebe Gunson certainly tells it how it is this time, playing with some key concepts around today’s social climate in her usual fusion of electronic, RnB and jazz-pop of musical styles.

Pho dives into the chorus with the lyric, “I don’t want a god, I don’t want a boss, see me at the top, don’t tell me what’s up.” Powerful in its message of not worshiping anyone but yourself, Pho builds on the empowerment of women as individuals with this lyric from a strong, feminist standing point.

Contrastingly, in the verses she uses storytelling through almost spoken word. The lyrics, “you talk worshiping and so on, I can see my halo reflect in your eyes.” These sections are simple yet powerful in message, bringing a personal touch to Pho’s flavour with her untouchable attitude and God-like confidence.

Your Girl Pho is up to her usual sassy antics in Don’t Wanna. A protest on a personal level, this track’s got some real groove, sure to continue her path towards world domination.