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Jacob And The Rudeboys - Photo by Rachael Barrett
Jacob And The Rudeboys – Photo by Rachael Barrett

Mules Duo/Brian Hoehn/Tashi/White Avenue/The Rumble/WiseOaks/Jacob And The Rudeboys


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Another live venue in Perth bites the dust! Saturday night saw the official farewell to Yaya’s, one of Perth favourite weekend ventures for music lovers, and despite big hail and bad weather breaking over Perth only moments before the night kickedoff it didn’t stop YaYa’s from being at capacity.

The night drew a mixed crowd from peeps passing by wearing German costume from Oktoberfest to those that wanted to chill and chat with a drink and good tunes, to music lovers sad to see a live venue reach its use-by date.

The night kicked off in style with Mule Duo. The acoustic and mellow tones definitely got the crowd to their feet. Brian Hoehn played a mix of originals and covers, getting the Oktoberfest crowd to groove and really get into the evening. You couldn’t help but join in on the good vibes. Everyone was clearly here to just to celebrate YaYa’s.

Next up was Tashi, who is sweet on stage, offering up punchy, quirky tracks. Playing This Monster certainly placed a bounce and smiles amongst all. She was definitely the standout of the acoustic sets with her bubbly catchy pizzazz.

White Avenue took to the stage and the trio turned the night up a notch from acoustic mellow to harder rock tones, with dominating bass tingling the senses. The awkward moment of the lead singer requesting a spare guitar because they broke the strings was quickly overlooked when they got straight back into it.

The Rumble we up next, a five piece band who showcased their eclectic abilities by bring out the saxophone, tambourine and piano accordion over the core pop-rock tunes. The new circus-likes tones and musical ventures their tracks took reminded me of Karnivool’s Asymmetry. The talented bunch blew the crowd away with the tracks like the punky I Hate Your Face and the hit, Annabelle.

WiseOaks were up and, along with The Rumble, were certainly the favourites for the evening. They have a clever acoustic rock fall back that builds to a harder, faster pace, really engaging the crowd. A solid performance for a band that charged through their song, Foreskin, which definitely surprised the crowd with its hard rock core, but an undertone of ambient, acoustic folk rock.

Last on stage was the interesting eight piece Jacob And The Rudeboys, who were clearly chosen for their party vibe that merged with the DJ at the end of the evening. The songs went from rock, to rap, to jazz-groove and an electro-rock ambience. Most of the rockers and music lovers did stick around for YaYa’s but were more engaged in various other activities. However, a small, loyal group kept close to the stage, dancing and grooving like no one was watching.


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