Yamaha PDX-B11 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

PDX-B11_BLUEYamaha have decided that bigger is better with this entry into the portable speaker market, eschewing compactness for a big, chunky design that puts out a big, chunky sound. While it’s not something you can throw in a handbag or satchel on the off chance you’re gonna need it, it’s pretty much perfect as a semi-permanent backyard barbecue speaker. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices and can connect via Bluetooth and 3.5mm mini jack. If there’s one glaring issue, it’s that it’s not rechargeable – if you can’t plug it in to a wall socket, you’re relying on six AA batteries to keep the party going, which could prove expensive in the long run unless you invest in some rechargeables. The eight hour playing time is impressive enough, but the notion of either plugging in fresh batteries or rolling the dice with every use is questionable. Still, with a RRP of $149, it’s definitely worth investigating.