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YA BOY ALASKA Incel gets 7/10

Ya Boy Alaska



Incel is a melodic-trap banger with brazen and often comical rhymes from upcoming Freo rapper Ya Boy Alaska. Following on from the release of trap-party drug anthem I’m On Molly, Incel is just as equally off-the-wall, with Ya Boy providing us with a full rundown of his irreverent adventures during the corona epidemic.

Ya Boy Alaska’s style is brash and comical, putting him in a similar vein to early Beastie Boys or Eminem at his most sarcastic.  He knows he’s on fleek; “these jeans come from Target, I’m dripping designer, St Vincent my stylist” and if you question his style “(he) don’t give a shit, shit, shit”.

Musically, Incel is engaging from the first listen with its infectious piano loop over trap beats bound to get heads nodding. More divisive may be Ya Boy Alaska’s flow, but as demonstrated by his recent releases; this is a source of continual improvement for the young rapper as he continues to search and find his own, unique voice rather than imitating others.


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