The Western Trend Festival (WTF) happens on Saturday, March 14, at Canefire Gardens in the Swan Valley. Amberdown will be one of the bands taking the stage.

Jason Donoghue (bass/vocals) & Jason Glatzer (guitar/vocals)

The Western Trend Festival is a new start-up event for Perth live original music. Given the recent discussion re venues how important do you think this event could be?

The Western Trend Festival is doing a great and new thing for live music. It brings together a showcase of the latest local and touring acts and puts them in a new-feel outdoorsy festival scene… not done too often in Perth, anyway. It’s different in the way it brings together a large variety of acts for something new and exciting, other than the usual Friday/Saturday night pub scene which is hard to pull decent crowds down to these days. It will hopefully be a smashing success.

Have you as a band had much in the way of outdoor/festival experiences?

We haven’t payed a festival or an outdoor gig before, so this is gonna be a exciting new experience for us.

Describe the evolution of your band, how it was at the start to what it is and is becoming…

The band started with a bunch of guys in high school who just love playing music and over the years with the more we played live and jammed together we are still just a bunch of awkward guys who love playing music.

What’s your gameplan for the rest of the year?

To set up and play wherever people will have us and also a new EP release.