WORSHIP Reborn at The Rechabite

After astounding reviews for past shows and Fringe World seasons, local production Worship makes its return this month with an all new show at The Rechabite. Described as a “ritualistic ceremony of transcending performance art,” Worship – Memento Vivere will turn The Rechabite Hall into a surreal world of performance art, live music acts and installation artwork for two nights only on Friday, September 10 and Saturday, September 11 (get more info and tickets here). The event comes courtesy of Perth burlesque and performance artist Essie Foxglove, the creator and producer of Worship, who spoke to BRAYDEN EDWARDS to share how despite the dark themes, Worship is set to be a celebration of life and living it to the full.

Where did the idea for the show come from and how has it changed into what it is today?

The idea began with the desire to push Worship from being a performance art/variety line-up show into a more immersive experience. I decided this show would have an underlying narrative and a message that the audience would leave with. The concept began to evolve into a series of transformative stages within the show of death, afterlife and rebirth and it grew from being a Worship show to a whole night of performance art, live music and installation artwork exploring these themes.

Previously a Fringe show, has Worship been adapted at all now it is happening at The Rechabite? And why was it a good space to put on a performance like this?

It has been adapted to feature more kinds of performance art, this is the first Worship show to have a live violinist, aerial performance by Matthew Pope, as well as an aerial fire performance by Smokey LaBare! The show was created especially for The Rechabite Hall, incorporating the levels within the space and keeping in mind how each one holds a slightly different experience of the night.

This is the first Worship event that has collaborated with artists preserving4thefuture and Beamhacker to create installations for the space and to co-present with Hearts of Darkness for the live music portion of the night, The Ascension. The Rechabite is an incredibly supportive and rare venue that allows for this amalgamation of different genres of art; performance, visual and musical so I dreamt big and they made it happen.

We do encourage ticket holders to arrive early in order to explore the space and artworks as well as partake in the pre-show ritual.

Worship – Memento Vivere hits The Rechabite Hall on Sep 10-11

It’s actually a slightly different show on the two nights as well? 

Yes, the live music line up has been curated by Hearts of Darkness, an alternative arts and events collective, to feature a different experience for The Ascension each night. Friday night will feature two live electronic acts and the audience will experience trip hop, industrial and electro beats by Kim ‘Lil, one half of LoVision, and the duo BLACKANTLERS who cross genres of witch-house, wave and goth-trap. Saturday will feature two incendiary live bands; the avant-garde art-rock project Moana and the alternative-pop rock trio Tether. Both nights will have DJ sets from the RITUALS collective accompanying the acts to breathe life into the dance-floor.

I read the show is inspired by the Latin phrase “Memento Vivere.” What does that mean and how does it relate to the show?

Memento Vivere means “remember to live,” it is the other side of the coin to the more well known Latin imperative Memento Mori, meaning “remember that you will die.” Both are used as a reminder of your own mortality and thus a reminder to embrace life. I liked the positivity of Memento Vivere, that tone helped frame the show’s narrative transitions from the dark reality of death to the surreal and absurd dealings in the afterlife to then a symbolic rebirth that allows the audience and cast to walk together into the enlightened stage called The Ascension in which we celebrate with live music!

Worship – Memento Vivere hits The Rechabite Hall on Sep 10-11

Apart from the fun, is there also a message within the show? What would you like people to take away from it?

The message within the show lies with the meaning of the title, Memento Vivere, “remember to live.” Simple but something we may forget to do and to do as best as possible. This is especially relevant in the current situation the world is in with the pandemic, as this show is a reminder of what we have. This show, as dark, conceptual and alternative as it is, is a celebration of life!

What’s up for you and the Worship team for the rest of the year and beyond…any more exciting projects in the works we can look forward to?

We will definitely be resting post show but gearing up for Fringe World 2022 so keep your eyes peeled for that. For now lips are sealed on any other future projects but keep up to date with Worship by following us on instagram at @worshiptheshow