WOMEN LIKE US 5 Step Guide on How to Let Go

Women Like Us
Two of Australia’s most loved stand up comics Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs are bringing their very popular show Women Like Us to FRINGE WORLD this weekend with two massive shows at NWS Shipping Theatre at WA Maritime Museum on Friday, February 9 and Saturday, February 10. The two mums from Mullumbimby in country New South Wales have left audiences breathless across Australia with their not-so-ladylike approach to sharing stories in irreverent and infinitely relatable ways. Their shows are like therapy, but much more fun and a heap cheaper! And to help you get you in the spirit for it they’ve given X-PRESS a 5 Step Guide to “How to Let Go”.

Women are bombarded with constant messaging about how they should look, what they should wear, what their kitchen should look like, what after school activities the kids should be doing – it’s exhausting. Our comedy celebrates our inadequacies and failures, too many marriages, kids performing poorly at school, drinking too much, sexual dissatisfaction and of course not giving a rats. Women often come up to us after the show and thank us for telling stories about their lives. It’s ordinary stuff, but with extraordinary honesty and insight, and humour. And men love it too. Except men who hate women. They hate us. We scare them. And we should. There’s a special place in the boot of our car for them.

Mandy and Ellen’s 5 Step Plan On “How to Let Go”:

Too often in life we are told to not sweat the small stuff. To find more ‘me time’. Overweight, overworked and over it, comedians Ellen Briggs and Mandy Nolan have chronic rushing women syndrome, so these days they are all about cutting corners. I mean, corners are dangerous, you’ll only hit your head on them when you come up for a Sav Blanc after a downward dog. They believe if you can cheat your way to mindfulness, then for god’s sake do it! Forget spiritual masters and mindfulness – Women Like Us have some great tips on how to really let go and find your happy place.

1. Sleep in Your Gym gear. It doubles as contraception. No one can break into a Lorna Jane and when you wake up you’re ready for the gym! And if you don’t feel like going just tell people you’ve already been!

2. Binge Drink. If you can’t get out of going to a party make sure you drink too much and cause a massive scene. Try and root the host’s husband. Pretty soon the invitations will dry up giving you more time in bed to catch up on Netflix.

3. FaceTime important clients and annoying family members in the nude. It will stop people calling back.

4.Confuse your partner with what you want from day to day and never actually tell them but be cranky when they don’t deliver. This is a great way to move those deep feelings of resentment onto someone else.

5. If you are unfit and unsatisfied with how you look don’t worry about working out or going on another diet, just block all your thin friends until you’re the thinnest in your social group.

Women Like Us