WINTER WELLNESS Keeping Fit In The Cold


The Winter Warmer Wellness Yoga and Wellbeing Retreat is a day workshop run by Health Coach and Wellness Advocate Sammi Jane from Rawgy (“Rawgy’s mission is to help empower people in all aspects of their life and to inspire people to reach their fullest potential; the focus is on empowering clients so they can learn to take control of their life and wellbeing”) with guidance from Sarah Marie. 

Jane points out people often take the colder months for granted, their health becoming of secondary importance—usually healthy habits go out the window. “Winter is a time when the body needs extra care and we want to share tips that enable you to understand what the body needs during the colder season, and keep you inspired to care for yourself.”


The retreat is open to all—any yoga and health experience level (with raw snacks and juices included in the price). The goal, according to Jane, is to allow people to enjoy a happier and healthier life by improving and restoring health and wellbeing. The retreat works through aspects of wellness teachings from around the world, delivering a range of tools to facilitate healing.


Attitudes and beliefs about what we are eating are at least as important as what we’re eating, says Jane. “Participants go through a powerful session uncovering attitudes and belief that create our health so they can be more open to experiencing new things and allowing change to take place.” She describes the retreat as a day to step back, take off all your responsibilities and duties, and just be: a time to relax, untangle, and grow.


Rawgy are renowned for their tasty raw food creations (and instructional workshops), which begs the question: What does Jane say to people who hesitate at the idea of “raw” food? “The food choices we make and how we live our lives are both the cause and effect of our diet and lifestyle; the choices we make reflect the state of harmony with ourselves and the bigger world.


“There is no right and wrong food: only what works and doesn’t work for you,” clarifies Jane. “I want people to understand their specific needs rather than trying to fit into a general prescribed diet, so we ask what brings you into balance and harmony and allows you to live the fullest.


“Raw food is often the first step in cleansing the body and restoring it so that you can discover your needs. We really value the idea that food is life, and life is in food. And the best way to access this life energy is through raw foods, simple food in its most pure state. It can be the most exciting, liberating, and healing foods you may ever come in contact with, and it has a powerful role in our health.”


Jane says yoga is included in the day’s activities because she loves what yoga can do for the body, mind, and soul. “It’s the most powerful way of pulling you into the present moment. Yoga can help you discover new perspectives, relax and de-stress and unlock parts of you that you never knew existed. It will help you strengthen on not only a physical but also emotional level.”


The Winter Warmer Yoga & Wellbeing Retreat is being held on Sunday, July 19, at the Lifestyle Studio in Sorrento. Price and booking details can be found on Rawgy’s facebook page.