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Eagle Bay Cacao Stout
Eagle Bay Cacao Stout

With the mercury dropping and the wet weather settling in for the long haul, we take a look at some of the best beers to keep you warm through the winter – or at least comfortably numb.  

Eagle Bay Cacao Stout

Dunsborough, WA

5.3% ABV Stout


This annual winter release is made in collaboration with local bean-to-bar chocolatier Bahen & Co. Brewed with cacao husks from selected beans, flavours will vary from year to year depending on which husks are used. This years release is expected mid-late June.


Nail Oatmeal Stout

Bassendean, WA

6.0% ABV Oatmeal Stout


Packed with super smooth coffee and chocolate, it’s like a loving cuddle for your palate. No wonder this beer just won another gold medal, this time at last month’s Australian International Beer Awards. Available all year round.


Feral Boris

Swan Valley, WA

10.1% ABV Russian Imperial Stout


Once upon a time this was only available at the brewery but Feral released Boris into bottles in mid-2013 and made them available all year round. Expect rich and dark flavours like chocolate, caramel, licorice and roast with a smooth dry finish.


Bootleg Raging Bull

Margaret River, WA

7.1% ABV Robust Porter


As the name suggests this beer is a complex beast. Rich red fruits, chocolate, coffee, plums, spice and biscuits, it’s like a party in your mouth but everyone is dressed in black. Available all year round.

Boatrocker Ramjet

Braeside, VIC

10.2% Whisky Barrel Aged Imperial Stout


Released annually in limited numbers to be enjoyed now or cellared for a couple of years if you can resist. Cherry, plums, vanilla, port, chocolate and burnt caramel are all in this beauty. Beware the long moreish finish that will leave you wishing you had bought more.


Mash Copy Cat

Swan Valley, WA

6.8% ABV American style IPA


Whatever the weather it is hard to go past a beautiful hoppy IPA. Since its release this cat has been dragging in medals and awards, most recently a gold medal from the Australian International Beer Awards this year. It’s a punch of juicy tropical fruit closely followed by a cuddle of caramel malt to balance things out.


Pirate Life Double IPA

Hindmarsh, SA

8.8% ABV Double IPA


For a brewery that has only been operating for a few months these guys have made a whole lot of noise and some kick ass beers to back it up. This is some heavy hop drinking, think citrus and pine, balanced with a heap of malt for a vicious and downright gorgeous brew.


Homestead Black Swan

Swan Valley, WA 

7.0% ABV Black IPA


It’s everything you’d want from a black IPA, the marriage of dark roasty malts and lively tropical hops is spot on. Dark, refreshing and slightly dangerous to be so drinkable at 7.0% ABV.




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