You know her, Katy Perry! We laughed when she fell over on stage, we cried when she had a go at us eating our national emblem the kangaroo. World superstar, yes! musical progenitor hmm.. maybe not. We’ve all sung along to Firework at one point or another, but that was a few albums ago, now she has a new one called Witness and she’s cut her hair and wants everyone to like her for who she is, unfortunately she’s coping flack for having short hair, but it’s all about the music man?! Anyways.. we have 3 of her albums to giveaway. Grab em quick before they get used to prop up the dodgey leg of the couch or we put them in the microwave for fleeting enjoyment.

To enter simply email us here at with KATY PERRY in the title. Don’t forget to like the X-Press Facebook page and sign up to the newsletter to be in the running! 

Competition closes  July 27, 2017.