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WHITNEY In a hurry to chill


Off the back of their Perth debut at the St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival earlier this year Chicago’s Whitney are excited to release two new cover songs: You’ve Got a Woman and Gonna Hurry (As Slow As I Can), by Lion and Dolly Parton respectively. 

Both covers are available via download now but will also be available on 12″ vinyl from Friday June 2, which marks a year since their fantastic debut album Light Upon the Lake was released. 

Whitney’s goal is to make songs they’d be jealous of if someone else got in first. For songs they cover it’s always songs they wish they’d been able to write first. 

The band’s singing drummer Julian Ehrlich said the last 12 months have been full time touring for Whitney, and being back in the studio was the greatest thing: “We’re about three songs in, we’re too emotionally unstable to write on the road, songs pop out if we have chill time to process what we’ve been putting ourselves through.”

You’ve Got a Woman and Gonna Hurry (As Slow as I can) are out now.

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