WhiteSeaIn Cold Blood

Morgan Kibby bases herself in California, but is best known for her work with French producers M83, which has seen her hit stages in Australia to play the songs from the Saturdays=Youth and Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming albums. Kibby has recorded under the name White Seas for her first solo album, which draws on the synth pop success of previous outings.

In Cold Blood moves further away from the shoegaze leanings into efforts that are far more keyboard driven with bright soaring vocals. Many of the songs from In Cold Blood could have done some countries proud as Eurovision entries, including the brooding They Don’t Know which is made for stadiums.

Kibby is keen to show off her pop sensibilities with Future Husbands Past Lives that has the sheen and sex appeal of a Prince tune and Warsaw which has drums that hark back to the height of radio during the eighties and a chorus to die for. It’s not all thumping beats and big vocals though, as Kibby is adept when being introspective on the piano ballad Small December.

In Cold Blood finds Kibby stepping away from the comfort of her widely loved M83 collaborations to deliver a record that offers plenty for fans of pop and synth-based tunes.