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White Fence

WhteiFenceFor The Recently Found Innocent

Clearly not content with being the most prolific wunderkind going around when putting out records under his own name, Ty Segall has offered himself as producer for his friend Tim Presley, this time for the latter’s psych-folk outfit White Fence. Presley is no newcomer either with this being the sixth White Fence full-length, but it is the first time that Presley has ventured out of the bedroom to record.

For The Recently Found Innocent is Presley’s boldest effort yet, with significant record label backing and containing ‘live drums’ for the first time. White Fence certainly aren’t at any risk of breaking new ground whatsoever as their sound borrows heavily from the ’60s and ’70s, but they are saved by Presley’s whip-smart writing.

Sandra (When The Earth Dies) could be an outtake from The Village Green Preservation Society such does it channel the Davies brothers, and is the finest display of melody on this release. Wolf Gets Red Faced is a bit more obtuse as it tells the tale of an alcohol drinking werewolf but is most memorable for its meandering and charismatic guitar solo.

For The Recently Found Innocent is clear in showing off its influences and will get its share of criticism for being revisionist. This may be the case, but there are worse things to be accused of and White Fence again stand on the strength of their tunes.

3.5 stars

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