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Which Platform Offers the Best Movies and TV Shows?

There’s no place for cable TV in a world of wireless connections. The US alone has more than 820 million connected devices, with over 235 million unique users using OTT platforms to consume digital video content.

The best streaming platforms require money, but to a certain extent. While each OTT platform continues to evolve, each one of them has its perks, which you just might be suited to.

Binge-watching has never been easier now, with Netflix, Prime Video, and numerous other applications waiting to feed you their best meal! Here are some of the best sites that I usually use to stream movies and TV shows online.

Leading OTT Platforms of 2021:


Uscreen is a leading global OTT platform. It manages and launches video applications for smartphones as well as TV. Uscreen has a 30-60 day launch time on average and is among the world’s fastest platforms. It takes care of the larger chunk of work, from app publishing to providing auto-updates.

What makes Uscreen one of the leading choices for content creators is that you can monetize global live streams and VoD (Video on Demand). This platform provides several pricing models like subscription, fixed price, PPV or rentals, free trials, bundles, and freemium. What’s more, your audience gets a 4K UHD viewing experience on all devices.

Uscreen also gives you the freedom to brand and personalize your application so that it goes well with your brand.

2. Netflix

You can’t talk about OTT streaming platforms without talking about Netflix. What started as a DVD rental store online has today evolved into the largest video streaming platform in the world. Netflix has more than 15,000 titles including a full spectrum of self-produced Netflix originals available only on Netflix.

Anyone who loves binge-watching will love Netflix because the platform uploads full seasons of any TV series at one time. Whether you want the full experience of Breaking Bad, or you want Impractical Jokers to tickle your funny ribs down to the ground, Netflix remains at the top of my list for delicious binge-watching.

With Netflix, users can choose their viewing experience from a range of different plans. You have a Basic plan with decent quality at a lower rate, with the option of upgrading to HD video quality at a higher price. You can also choose the number of viewers who use your profile at a time and pay accordingly.

3. Disney+

The Walt Disney Company revolutionized shows and programming for children through its signature style and characters. It has now evolved further, encompassing the Marvel franchise  and other leading franchisees of the world. This includes shows and movies by National Geographic, Marvel, Disney, Star, and Star Wars.  

In some countries, audiences have the option of bundling Disney+ with Hulu or other streaming platforms too. There are also many other sites to watch free movies online, but if you do visit them, make sure your network is secure first.

4. Hulu

Another leading OTT platform for on-demand video streaming is Hulu. What separates Hulu from Netflix is that Hulu generally uploads a new episode one day after it airs on TV. There are several pricing plans, add-ons, and bundled packages that Hulu uses to enable viewer access to its programming.

5. Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is Amazon’s OTT streaming service. When you get an Amazon Prime membership, you get more than just Prime Video access. There is additional content like Prime Music as well as free delivery on Amazon purchases with a single subscription.

Amazon Prime offers a unique feature that allows users paid access to movies that might still be in theaters. This feature is not available globally, but only in leading markets like the US and Australia. You also get access to sporting events and other live programming with your Amazon Prime Membership.

Which Platform Offers the Best Movies and TV Shows?

There is no decisive way to say which streaming platform offers the best content as permissions keep changing and the question is subjective. However, almost every OTT platform provides free trials before users purchase the subscription. If you want your content on any of these platforms and want to get exposure, choose the ones that offer free streaming and flexible subscription plans.

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