WHAT’S BEEN STREAMED THE MOST? Covid viewing stats are in

During this unusual time of self-isolation, quarantining, and binge watching, we’ve now come to a point where the stats for our TV and movie viewing have been unveiled. The stats for the second quarter of this year show us what we’ve been streaming the most during what could be called the golden era for streaming services.

Looking at the data collected from Just Watch, it seems obvious that Netflix is at the top with 32%. It’s facing some gradual competition from Amazon Prime (21%) and Australia’s own Stan (16%), with new services such as Disney+ sat at 11%, though given their ever-growing catalogue, it’s likely to grow. The even newer service, Binge, is also already at 3%, despite only being round since late May.

As for the TV shows and movies themselves, it’s been (mostly) recent output that have topped the charts. Parasite, the Oscar-winning (among many other awards it won) leads the movie chart. Phoebe Waller-Bridge had double success with two of her shows taking the top two places for TV shows, with Killing Eve on top and Fleabag just underneath.

Most of these were recent shows, though as you see with the likes of Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and Grey’s Anatomy high up in these lists, some folks still went back to the comfort favourites. And for the highest rated content (according to IMDb’s users), the winner was Prime, with its vast catalogue including most of the highly rated film and TV shows.

Head over to JustWatch for more information on what we’ve been streaming during the biggest down-time in modern history – it seems your own viewing habits and choices have ended up in this data.