Jayde Taylor and teammate Brooke Perris get photobombed by the Queen at the Commonwealth Games
Jayde Taylor and teammate Brooke Perris get photobombed by the Queen at the Commonwealth Games

JAYDE TAYLOR Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist, Hockeyroos

What do you look forward to most about summer?

Heading down south to the family home, relaxing by the pool and having time to catch up with friends and family… and the weather of course.


What are your favourite things to do?

An early morning walk/run/workout then relaxing for the day with friends and family.


What places do you like to head out to for a drink/coffee with friends?

Cottesloe, South Perth and Perth City has some really cool places now too, I’m always up for trying out new places.

What’s your favourite summer drink?

Simple! Sparkling water with some lemon or lime and for special occasions a rich, buttery chardonnay or gin and tonic.


What are your favourite summer sports (to play or watch)?

I enjoy watching the tennis, the shorter games of cricket, anything on TV, really.


Where’s your favourite summer holiday destination in WA?

The South West, so many beautiful places to visit. The family home is in Bunbury so it’s great being able to do short day trips further south from there.


Scott Ludlam
Scott Ludlam

Scott Ludlam, Greens Senator

“The small bar and laneway scene, really having taken off in the last couple of years, really takes off in summer, so that would be my first of five. My particular favourites would be Mrs Brown’s in North Freo and some of the newer places like Mechanics in Northbridge – that little William St strip is really coming into its own. And The Bird, if they’ve got someone live playing.

“Live music would be number two, so go to Fremantle Arts Centre or go to Mojos. Mojos still really jumps around and has interesting acts that can’t always get a gig anywhere else. That little North Freo hub is really fun. Obviously the Freo Arts Centre is awesome.

“The river. Try and take yourself upriver. Actually get out on the water or go for a walk along the river. We tend to forget just how utterly gorgeous it is, but summer evenings are the best time.

“The beach, just because it’s there and we tend to forget that it’s there. I don’t always really like what it’s like during the day but, again, evenings and nights at the beach make your realise just how perfect the place is.

“And my last one is a bit of a touristy one but just get up to Kings Park when the sea breeze is in. We just tend to forget how superb it is up there – this huge area of native bushland and these gorgeous views. It’s just sublime to get up there when you’ve got a bit of time out.”


Adam Peter Scott Pic: Shaun Ferraloro
Adam Peter Scott Pic: Shaun Ferraloro

Top Five Things To Do In Summer With Adam Peter Scott

1. Stay away from the beach: 


Humans weren’t built for Australian heat. You’ll burn to death out there and the last thing you’ll see is a Southern Cross tattoo on lobster-red skin whilst sand creeps into your butt-cleavage. You deserve better.


2. See an Oscar-bait movie:


Our summer matches up nicely with the Hollywood awards season, so head to Luna in Leederville to see all the obscure films vying for recognition.  Guaranteed you’ll see an actor trying (and failing) to talk in an unusual accent.


3. Read an actual book:


You can still get printed ones on paper from Kaleido Books at the Perth Train Station. Don’t even pretend you’re going to finish that list of classics like War And Peace and Moby-Dick. Give in to your pulpiest impulses and read some Stephen King.


4. Drunk some science:


Did you ever think that, man, SciTech would be awesome if it weren’t for all these damn kids? Then keep an eye on SciTech’s Facebook page for the next SciTech After Dark. They even serve alcohol so you can forget anything you learn.
5. Laugh a bunch:


Live stand-up comedians are waiting for you in your area (usually with air-conditioning). If you’re keen, look any of these shows up: Shapiro Tuesday’s, Laugh Resort or Infinite Jest. Or even come to my show.

Adam Peter Scott is a local comedian and host of Perth’s best (and only) live game show, Trivia Death Match. Find out more at


Lisa Scaffidi
Lisa Scaffidi

Lisa Scaffidi, Perth Lord Mayor

“I must admit in all honesty I’m not really a summer person!
However what I like most are the bright blue skies and the radiance of
summer. I enjoy swimming immensely and when time allows I slip down to Cottesloe Beach in the early am hours for a dip in the ocean.
I love salads and barbecues and refreshing icy cocktails on my days off!”


Jonathan Holloway Pic: Toni Wilkinson
Jonathan Holloway Pic: Toni Wilkinson

Jonathan Holloway, Artist Director: Perth International Arts Festival

“Three words: Festival, Festival, Festival. That used to be just one Festival, but now it is many and diverse. It is going to be a giant year. Bring it on!”