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WET SOUNDS Art and sound installation… in water

This FRINGE WORLD, an exciting new sound installation is coming to Perth for their WA premiere. Winners of the Best Interactive Arts Award following their sell out show at Adelaide Fringe in 2018, Wet Sounds brings an immersive electronic sound experience to the HBF Stadium for five shows only from January 24 to January 29, 2019.

Wet Sounds is an interactive sound, light and performance art installation that will take place in a large swimming pool both above and under the water. With the use of sound systems in all areas, Wet Sounds creates a unique listening experience that, through the use of private and personal spaces in and out of the water, disturbs the border between reality and fiction and is “an erosion of spatial orientation evoking contradictory sensations of proximity, distance and intimacy”.

Above the water, in a shared space, the audience will experience the dynamic resonating sounds that a large leisure space creates with the music coming from three sound systems in vertical alignment. Parallel to this, the underwater space creates a womb-like experience that is enhanced by the weightlessness of the body and the impression that the music is being created inside the mind.

The intimate space and the biological limitations of breath allow for moments of personal introspection and create an otherworldly and surreal environment. The audience is free to move from one space to the next and their movements and gestures become the focus of the experience working in conjunction with the sound, lighting and performance.

Joel Cahen provides his mutating strand of abstract electronica through a multi-channel system for the event and has just released an album called Aquadelique released on Adaadat records.

Wet Sounds will take place from January 24 to January 29, 2019 as part of FRINGE WORLD. 

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