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We interviewed @Seinfeld2000 about normcore

Very fashion

No-one’s sure if normcore, which holds up Jerry Seinfeld and your dad as style icons, is a joke or if it’s a legitimate fashion trend. The term was coined by K-Hole, a team of hip brand consultants based in New York, for a report which was part of a conceptual art project made for a London gallery. The authors write: “Normcore moves away from a coolness that relies on difference to a post-authenticity coolness that opts in to sameness.” Yeah, OK.

We still didn’t get it, so features editor MERRAN REED emailed satirical Twitter account, @Seinfeld2000, which reimagines a modern day Seinfeld, and asked what the deal with normcore was.

Does @Seinfeld2000 wear normcore?

I definetely wear normcore but it is probebly the most high fashion versien of normcore posible. I like a lot of layaring, ill wear like three vest and a pair of dad short over a pair of dad jeans with like a loose fiting t shirt over everything. And then just to like mix it up im also wearing a top hat like Abraham Lincon and im holding a purse but when ppl say its purse i yell “ITS NOT PURSE, ITS EUROPEON!”

What does @Seinfeld2000 wear?

k im prety sure i like JUST answer that, Megan.

What are your thoughts on normcore?

Honestly? The lamestreame media has realy goten normcore all wrong, k. Noremcore is not only a style of dresing, its also whoale life style. Your clothing may have a relaxed fit but your world view also has gota be relaxed fit. Since it became a trend, there is many ppl just who are posing their not living the real normcore life style does that make sense.

Describe the normcore lifestyle.

The normecore life style just mean the way you live have to corespond with the way you dress. So , ie., if you dress like a 46 yr old stepdad from omaha whos about to crack into a delicous Budwiser after an afternon watching the local suberbs high schol girls voleyball team reherse for the big champienship game, you beter live that life style for real. So go ahead, k, grab a icecold can of “brewski” and keep it 100 parcent real by geting in your car and drive down to the suburb high school and sip on your beer while your watching the high schol girls voleyball team practece for the big champienship game. Its not crepy if you pretend you have a stepson name Kirk or whatveer who go to the same highschol so make sure you have a name for your fake step son in youre back pocket in case there coach ask you. “Um ya im just here to pick up my son, his name kirk, and these girls rehersing there voleyball moves catch my eye.” Say it smothly and naturel so not as to arose suspicien

Why has normcore all of a sudden become a thing?

Im prety sure it realy took of after a clip of me in the locel news , geting arested for behaving in “drunk and disordarly maner” at a high school champienship voleyball game,was played and made fun of mercilesly on a TV programe called Tosh.0 which is aparently watched by miliens of ppl. I was wearing my full normcore regaelia (eight layars of denim from The Gap stoare and then layared on top, a white cahsmere sweter from J crew but the cashmere sweter have a red dot on it) and i beleve since a lot of young ppl watch Tosh.0 they begin to adapt my style and it just spred like wild fire from there

Are there plans to cash in on this trend?

No way hosay


Why not jump on the gravy train?

Maybe obviosly becase it would take away time from my main focus in life 24 hour a day 7 days per week which is imagening what the TV show Sienfeld would be like if it still on the televeisien today, like if NBC had never canceled it in 1998 or whatever.

OK, thanks for your time.

Thakns Megan.

By Merran Reed

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