We Came As Romans


Tracing Back Roots

Equal Vision

Since their debut album, To Plant A Seed, in 2009, We Came As Romans have had numerous member changes alongside a steady rise of their fan base. Over the last four years and three LPs there is one thing that hasn’t been changing… their sound. Whilst this can be seen as a positive that they can still play music similar to that of To Move On Is To Grow, it is now becoming stale. Tracing Back Roots is filled with uneventful and forgettable tracks that feel vocally driven and as a result lack solid instrumentation.

The album kick starts in a huge way with the heavy title track that is built on the way-too-clingy relationship between the drums and guitar resulting in a lot of chugging. This is followed by Fade Away, which features a large amount of autotune and lacks creativity.

Tracing Back Roots still has its positives. There’s been a huge vocal improvement from Dave Stephens, who now shares clean vocal duties with Kyle Pavone, and the band still focusses on sending motivational messages through their music. Unfortunately this LP is just too familiar and, well, safe.