We Are The Emergency Farewell Show

We Are The Emergency
We Are The Emergency

After two EPs, a single, one album, You Tube videos reaching 800k+ hits, recording in the US and playing around Australia and Singapore, with a

fanbase that spread to the States, Europe, Israel, Japan and South East Asia, We Are The Emergency bring seven years of band-togetherness to a close.
They’ll play a farewell show tonight, Friday, July 25, at Amplifier, with help from FINDERS, The Lake And The River and I, Said The Sparrow. Thanks for the memories! This is the band’s farewell not to their friends and fans via their Facebook page…

“It’s not you, it’s us.

“After a period of reflection, we’ve decided that the best thing for all of us and the band itself, is to close up shop. This band has taken centre stage in all of our lives individually for the last 7 years (give or take… Dewson) and it has proven more rewarding than any of us could have ever imagined. We’ve had the chance to travel interstate, not to mention overseas, play with many of our idols and most importantly meet so many amazing people who’ve become huge parts of our lives. For most of us this band has been both our artistic outlet and foundation for our closest friendships (Hell, Tom and Soph met through the band, and they’re basically one person now……so gross). We individually feel like we have created something of worth and hopefully something many people could relate to. Without going on too much, and getting too sappy, we want to take this moment to thank everyone of you who is reading this. Whether you’ve just heard our music recently or you’ve been with us from the early days sweating it out at HQ, you’ve had an unfathomable impact on our lives as musicians, and as people. We’d also like to send a big ol’ thanks to our friend James Harris for being the catalyst (science) for this dodgy ass experiment, we owe a lot to you.

“Never fear however as we have booked a show to say so long, farewell, and most importantly THANK YOU!… (also, band debt was a factor). SO pencil in Friday July 25th in your calendar, and get your supportive butts down to Amplifier to shake said booties one last time. We’ve got a handful of local favourites joining us on the night in the form of I, Said The Sparrow, Finders and The Lake and the River. We also have another super secret exciting surprise, which for now, we’re playing pretty close to our collective chest/bosom(Soph).

“We wrote some good songs and had a good time. Hope you did too.”

Matt, Fraser, Bailey, Sophie, Ryan, and Sam