The Haze
The Haze

The Haze

We All Want To are made up of stalwarts of the Brisbane music scene, with the unmistakable voice of Tim Steward leading the way. The former Screamfeeder frontman is well versed in the power of crunchy guitars and memorable melodies, and these are again his stock in trade for the band’s third album, The Haze.
The songs on The Haze are shorter and more direct than previous We All Want To albums, with tunes such as Everybody’s Damaged being a study in simplicity while Young Love has all the verve and punch that should be plastered all over the airwaves.
Steward has always been a great proponent of a memorable chorus with boy/girl vocals and Road To Ruin is no exception, being as catchy as the dose. Its not all a case of running things at breakneck speed though, with Skye Staniford taking over vocal duties for Remove The Arrow to deliver a smouldering beast.
The Haze is said to be the most difficult album that We All Want To have made, which has resulted in some line-up changes for future efforts. Making authentic, reflective records isn’t meant to be easy business, but The Haze is worth any anguish that may have met it along the way.

4 stars