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Western Australia is definitely bike-friendly territory. From long, winding roads to many beaches and everything in between, bike culture (whatever flavour of wheels you prefer) is alive and thriving in our state. The market is constantly widening, with more and more people taking on the challenge of the open road every year.

Want to recreate that Easy Rider kind of vibe? Fan of The Wild One? First you’ll need a bike. Luckily there’s an auction coming up that might be able to help you find the ride you’re looking for. “We have a mix of everything you can imagine,” says WA Auctioneers Proprietor Mark Murray, of what he’s describing as WA’s Largest Motorcycle Auction.

Whatever your tastes – whether adding to your collection or looking to offload before upgrading – there’s a solid chance a wheeled creation might catch your eye at the auction. So far the items on offer span a large and diverse range of vehicles.

“Stunning Harley Davidsons to roughed up dirt bikes,” says Murray. “One of only 25 Vespas in the country. Quad bikes, off-road buggies, even a Mad Max style cart that will do 250 kilometres per hour.” He’s expecting the event to be big; nearly 2,500 people have registered their interest on the event’s Facebook page. 

Murray says registered subscribers will receive access to an online catalogue about five days beforehand. “There will be inspection days as well just prior to the auction, and for two hours prior to the auction, held in our Wangara complex.”

Originally scheduled for the end of June, the auction has been moved to Saturday, July 4, due to overwhelming public interest.

When asked what types of bikes are popular in this scenario, Murray says, “Not sure. We will certainly know after the auction though.” In terms of pros for selling through the auction, Murray says, “For buyers, the fact that all registered bikes are checked for any encumbrances. For sellers, it’s an amazing opportunity to put their bike in front of so many buyers at once. Also a lot safer than doing the Gumtree thing and inviting total strangers into your home.”

Can those interested in selling their bikes ring and talk to you about it? “Yes, we’re taking calls constantly. Happy to answer any questions.” Sellers should note if there’s no sale, no charge, all bikes being put on the block have to be at the auction prior to the event, and that consignments are fully insured while in the possession of WA Auctioneers.

In terms of how many bikes will sell on the day, Murray points out, “This is the first motorcycle auction we have ever done. We hope to make it an annual event.” His advice for those wanting to offload their current ride? “If sellers set realistic reserve prices, then their bikes will certainly sell. If they want more than what their bike is worth, than the result is obvious.”

For details on the motorcycle auction, contact WA Auctioneers.


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