WANDERLUST Not All Who Wander…


Indie-folk duo Wanderlust, aka Jade Richards, launch their EP, The Dark House Day, next Friday, March 13, at the Astor Lounge, with support from Ricky Green and These Winter Nights. We catch up with Richards.

What’s the Wanderlust story?
We have been playing music individually for years, we met through a friend and after a while we began to realise what we wanted as musicians. We both love to travel and have wanted to combine music and travel as one. We had a jam one day and both were really surprised at how well we worked together so we began this project to hopefully one day allow us to explore the world with our music.

What’s your sound?
We both have individual tastes but as a duo we consider our sound as indie-folk with a hint of blues. We get stuck into all types of music and as soon as we find something that tickles our fancy, we have to share it. Our different music tastes makes our music so different to your conventional acoustic duo.

Tell us about Dark House Day.
Dark House Day was written in a time of anguish and wonder. It speaks of the fear and desolation of leaving those you love for ever but also the opportunity of exploring and discovering new, beautiful places. It’s a song which tells of getting over the clouds in your head and looking towards the brighter things in life.

Where did you record?
We recorded the EP at Driftwood Studios in Trigg with our great friend Rene De Vries has watched us grow from when we first started – good ole Indi Bar Open Mic on a Thursday. It went so well, better than we had imagined. It’s so cool to have someone know you and your work so well and really believe in your idea. Its quite humbling to know someone really wants you to succeed and is on the same level as you.

What’s up next for you guys?
We finally get to pursue a part of our dream! We are off to the UK and then on to Ios, one of the Greek Islands in July. Who knows, me might not come back. Both having European passports is a bonus too. Between now and then we will be plugging away at our next EP so be sure to stay tuned!