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WAMFEST Live Saturday still spectacular

WAM have shared the artists set to play at WAMFest Live Saturday this year. The event will be presented by Drug Aware, and with 14,500 people attending last years Fest, this year is set to be even bigger.

The name of the event has been changed from Saturday Spectacular, but that doesn’t mean that the day will be any less spectacular, with over 125 West Australian acts set to perform across over 19 venues and entry will still be free!

With 326 artists applying to be apart of the festival, WAM have put together a mix of gold-certified acts and future favourites for this year’s festival, including Boat Show, Stella Donnelly, Ziggy Ramo, The Money War, Rag n’ Bone, Lucy Peach, Sydnee Carter, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, The Southern River Band, Old Blood, Tobacco Rat and FOAM.

The Block Party will also be upgrading to The Lot Party, turning the space adjacent to Yagan Square into a two stage space.

Acts will also be playing in venues all across the city, again taking over Amplifier and Capitol, as well as holding shows in new venues Tetsuo NC, The Sewing Room, The Laneway Lounge and The Globe. Some staple WAMFest venues will also be back, including Jack Rabbit Slims, The Bird, Universal Bar, The Mustang Bar, The Boston, The Moon Cafe, Badlands, Hen House Live and The Court. 

WAMFest will also cater to under 18’s with all ages stages at the Perth Cultural Centre Wetlands and Forrest Place, as well as having an all ages area at the Lot Party. Wesley Church will also be catering to those of all ages.

Check out the enormous line up for WAMFest Live Saturday… and really, if you can’t find a day of largely free entertainment below, you’re not trying hard enough:

Akioka, Alex and Yell, Angus Dawson, AZÜRA, Belle Harvey, Beni Bjah, Big Orange, Blue Stuka, Bluntfield, Bläckwitch, Boat Show, Boykie, Brayden Sibbald, Burundi Peace Choir, Candy Guts, Carla Geneve, Childsaint (pictured above), Conform, Corbelle, Dan Howls, Darling, Davey Craddock, Death Disco DJs, Delilah Rose & The Gunslingers, Demon Days, Dilip ‘n The Davs, Edie Green, El Dorado, Elli Schoen, Em Burrows, Erin Pope, FLOSSY, FOAM, Georgia Reed, Good Doogs, Grievous Bodily Calm, Helen Shanahan, Hercules Morse, Hi. Ok, Sorry, Hindley, Holographic Moon, Society, Illyria, Indigo, Isla Imogen, Jacob De Gaye, Japanese Tongue Sisters, Joel Barker & The Low Company, John Bennett, Juliana Areias, Julie Kember, Karin Page, Kelly Gardner, Kings & Queens, Kopano, Kris Nelson, Lakesider, LC Mckenzie, Levi Walsh, Licy Be, Lilt, Lost Honours, Lucy Peach, Luke Fox, Marksman Lloyd, Mary Jane & The Smoke Detectors, Matt Allen, MattyTWall, Mayhills, Michael Strong, Minky G & Rosco, Moorditj Brothers, Ohm Rune, Old Blood, Pat Chow, Pete Byfield, Pilerats DJs, Primary Collective, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Rag N’ Bone, Raksha, Ralway Bell, Randa & The Soul Kingdom, Refractory Road, Ribs, Riley Pearce, Rory Faithfield, Ru, Ruby May, Ryan Beno, Salary, Sam Perry, Segers, Segue Safari, Short Lived Ministry, Shyguy, Sirpit, Sly Withers, Soukouss Internationale, Spacey Jane, Spilt Cities, Stella Donnelly, Surf Rabbits, Sydnee Carter, Tanaya Harper, Tanya Ransom, The Bambuseae Rhythm Section, The Brow, The Caballeros, The Floors, The Joyful Noise, The Limbs, The Little Lord Street Band, The Money War, The Southern River Band, Tobacco Rat, Toyotomi, Tracey Barnett, Ukiyo, Valentine, Vanessa Hopes, WAAPA Gospel Choir, Western Kinsmen Of The Sun, Young Robin and Ziggy Ramo.

WAMFest takes over Perth November 1 to 5.

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