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WAM SONG OF THE YEAR 2018/19 Nominees announced

The search for WA’s best songs draws one step closer as WA’s premier songwriting competition delivers another incredible pool of nominees. With record-breaking entry numbers, the 2018/19 WAM Song of the Year Awards presented by Act-Belong-Commit is primed to uncover and recognise the absolute crème de la crème of WA’s songwriting talent. 2018/19 is the year for doubling down, with Ben Matthews, Camarano, Farraday’s Cage, Flewnt, Jamilla, Pat Chow and The Hunting Birds all leading the pack with two nominations each.

All nominees will be in the running for a share in the $45,000 prize pool on offer across 17 categories with award winners to be revealed at the WAM Song of the Year Awards Party, taking place on Wednesday, June 26 from 6pm at Fremantle’s newest venue, Freo.Social.

Hosted by the inimitable and incredible MC Odette Mercy, the Awards Party will kick into gear with feature performances from Song of the Year nominated acts including gloom pop two-piece Echo Adore, hip-hop MC extraordinaire Flewnt, indie rockers Pat Chow and Persian world fusion artist Tara Tiba, with Rhubarb Records DJs keeping the vibes rolling through the night.

With a solid track record of catapulting local acts on the rise to even greater heights, WAM’s Song of the Year Awards has recognised WA legends Stella Donnelly, Methyl Ethel, Beni Bjah, Tired Lion, Mathas, KUČKA, and many more with industry praise following their Song of the Year wins – and this year promises to be no different.

The full class of 2018/19 nominees includes an exciting and diverse mix of artists, representing all genres, levels, backgrounds, ages and genders, with their award-nominated tracks exploring powerful themes and telling some truly exceptional stories.

Presented by Act-Belong-Commit
Studio Sponsor: Vision Studios

You’ll Be Alright FPs
Be Myself Mitchell Martin
Half Of Me Ninth Time Lucky
Are You Okay? Pat Chow
All I Wanna Be The Skelton Collective

Presented by Perfect Pitch Publishing
Studio Sponsor: JRF Recording Studio

In Starlight Farraday’s Cage
Time Jenny Gaunt
Box Karin Page
Stone Cold Mark Turner
Old Man of the Blues Tom Fisher and the Layabouts
City Yo Yo Sun

Presented by Spotify
Studio Sponsor: Soundbaker Studios

Little Southern Girl Harry Jakamarra
Can I Wear Your Shoes Julie Kember
I’ll Be Gone Mike Goodwin
Letter to a Baby Girl The Eastern Line
Heartache Moon The Little Lord Street Band
Broken Dollar Dream Wayward Johnson and the Adjustment

Presented by Alex Hotel and Bivouac
Studio Sponsor: Pavement Studios

They Need Us (feat. Stella Donnelly) Feels
Lost In Dreams Fourth State
KING Jamilla
I Don’t Need Ya RUER

Presented by Space Cassette
Studio Sponsor: Blackbird Sound Studio

Exorcism Refuge Bolt Gun
The Machines Are Learning to Keep Their Secrets Intenso
Gerygone: for two PVCellos Jean-Michel Maujean
Infinity Original Past Life
The Insect Apocalypse samarobryn
a moment like this. . ? Stephen de Filippo

Presented by Clancy’s Fremantle
Studio Sponsor: Blondel Recording Studios

Food for the Worms Camarano
Reminiscing King Ibis
Elephants Riley Pearce
Belly of Time Simone and Girlfunkle
Hidden In These Waters The Hunting Birds
These Words Wild Oak

Presented by Firestarter Distribution
StudioSponsor: Templeman Audio

Ransack Agnesis
This Is Misery All This Filth
Belly Full of Lies Bayview Suspect
Unspoken Chaos Divine
Perished Walls Speak Elderflower
Tarantula Odditry

Presented by @placeorpoint and Audiofly
Studio Sponsor: Crank Recording

Redman Ben Matthews
Where Would I Be Without You Daniel Susnjar Afro-Peruvian Jazz Group
31 Harry Mitchell
The Only Dude Imogen Thomson / Austin Salisbury
Song for The Days When Nick Abbey
Southbank Tim Newhouse Collective

Presented by Nannup Music Festival
Studio Sponsor: Poons Head Studios

Boodja Aliwah!
Kya Kyana Flewnt
Hold Me Joan & The Giants
Because Of Her We Can Natasha Eldridge
Never See You Onyx
Gone Phoneline Valentine

Presented by APRA AMCOS
Studio Sponsor: HoppingMouse Studios

Purpose ASKYA
Better Alone Ash Pluggy & Boston Switch
Spider’s Web Brayden Sibbald
Follow Me (ft. Jasmine Gannaway) Just a Thought
Two Streets Latehorse
Kiera Jas Shadows

Presented by Sorrento Strategic Music
Studio Sponsor: Tone City Recording Studio

Goodbye Bri Clark
Epilogues Cloning
Caught In History Echo Adore
You Did It To Yourself Noah Dillon
Haunt Me Teischa
Currents The Hunting Birds

Presented by Rhubarb Records/XVinylX and The Poster Girls
Studio Sponsor: Sumo Sound Studios

The Right Swipe Blindspot
Something More Castle Bravo
Drugs My Shadow and I
Martyrdom Pat Chow
Jerry Seinfeldhair The Bob Gordons
Derby Jetty Trolley Boy

Presented by Freo.Social
Studio Sponsor: Tunafish Recording Company

Table Mountain Camarano
Greg’s Discount Chemist Carla Geneve
Dog Shit Days Cattle Class
Another Ghost Care
Blue Homebrand
Stay Shangrila

Presented by City of Fremantle
Studio Sponsor: Real2Reel

Change Aia Klara
Fire Between Angelina Curtis
Just Friends Anika Louise
Shattered Heart Ava Sharp
Sherbet Sunset Mitchell Ballardin

Presented by Lolly Box Music
Studio Sponsor: Artisan Music

Can’t Help This Feeling Electrocity Ensemble
Lifeline Farraday’s Cage
Rage Intrusion
I’m Alright Jayda D’Agostino
Show Love MALi JO$E

Presented by RTRFM and Macando Music
Studio Sponsor: Sundown Studios

Falling Through Flaws Dead Tooth
Kya Kyana Flewnt
Queen Hyclass
Repeat After Me I Am Free Jacob de Gaye
Beautiful Jamilla
Ain’t No Love Song Terri Danelle

Presented by I Heart Songwriting Club
Studio Sponsor: Shanghai Twang Studios

Cold Bones Ben Matthews
Naf Naf Steve Hensby Band
Problem Grace Barbé
The Fire Kate Pass Kohesia Ensemble
2048 Randa And The Soul Kingdom
Bahar Tara Tiba

The WAM Song of the Year Awards Party takes place on Wednesday, June 26 at Freo.Social.

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