WAM Hall Of Fame Inductees announced

are pleased to reveal this year’s WAM Hall of Fame inductees, The Scientists (pictured above) and Johnny Young. Both acts will be inducted at the 2019 WAM Awards on Thursday, October 31 at Perth’s Hyatt Regency Hotel.

The WAM Awards Hall Of Fame pays tribute to West Australian artists and industry members who have attained outstanding career achievements on both a national and international scale.

It’s been said that The Scientists’ influence on Seattle was so great that without them grunge as we know it may have never happened. One of the most influential post-punk bands to come out of Western Australia, they took Perth by storm in the late 1970s and Sydney, London and eventually the US throughout the 80s. With a sound that was swampy, primal and modern, as much in the tradition of rock and roll and punk rock as it was a rejection of those things, the band’s formula was as universal as it was specific to their own experience. Being about what it was like to be young and living in modern times in an Australian urban/ suburban environment, The Scientists’ legacy has been influence to a number of bands who have cited them over the years, from Nirvana to Mudhoney.

As one of this country’s biggest pop stars of the 60s, Johnny Young is widely recognised for his work as a performer, composer,  radio host and television producer and personality – his career nothing short of legendary. Young also penned a number of hits as a composer for artists such as Russell Morris, Ross D. Wylie and Lionel Rose, along with launching the careers of numerous pop stars such as Dannii Minogue and Tina Arena through his hit television show, Young Talent Time.

Hall of Fame inductees The Scientists and Johnny Young are set to be inducted at the 2019 WAM Awards on Thursday, October 31 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Perth. Tickets from