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Waka Flocka Flame


Atlanta artist, Waka Flocka Flame is one of the most electrifying rappers to emerge in recent times. When it comes to technical skill and lyrical dexterity, he’s not ‘the most’ proficient in the business, but the energy he brings to the mic is unrivalled. LACHLAN KANONIUK chats with the self-proclaimed “hip hop rock star” ahead of his show at Metropolis Fremantle on Thursday, December 19.

The hood anthem Hard In Da Paint produced by steady collaborator Lex Luger, still stands as one of the hardest trap anthems out there. 

Since its release, trend has seen a marriage of trap and EDM – their unbridled hype capabilities proving to be a more than potent complementary force. As such, it’s typified by the current circumstance I find Flocka. He’s speaking on the phone while on tour with EDM heavyweights Steve Aoki and Borgore; the potential for studio collaborations with these DJs a distinct possibility in the near future. “Honestly, this is one of the best tours I’ve even been on,” he says. “The energy is amazing – it’s so positive with the party vibe… everyone just wanna party, party, party. I feel like it’s all one big-ass party; everything I do.”

Showing a thirst for smashing through genre barriers, Flocka has teased the prospect of touring with metal titans Lamb Of God. As of now he’s scarce on details, but his excitement is palpable. “I can’t wait, it’s looking good,” he delivers in his trademark gravelly cadence.

Last year saw the release of Triple F Life: Friends, Fans & Family, Flocka’s second commercially released album, with guest spots from artists such as Drake, Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz, Ludacris, Meek Mill and more. The diverse offering of tracks on the album saw Flocka experiment with a broader range of styles with varying levels of success. The record will be followed up by the recently delayed Flockaveli 2, the sequel to his debut.

“All my vocals are done, just working on my mixes. It’s gon’ be crazy man, I can’t wait,” he teases. As for dividing time between the studio and the road, Flocka is philosophical. “It’s a balance man, know what I’m sayin’? Doing shows, it’s all music.”

As for what Flocka does in his downtime to unwind, he retorts that there isn’t really a downtime at this stage in his life. “It’s not about me right now. I might have a couple of massages, then I’m back workin’. It’s not about me right now,” he reiterates. “It’s all work.”

Not limiting his pursuits to a purely music medium, Flocka is the star of the recently released WakaVille, a zombie slaying video game for mobile platforms. It’s indicative of a grander vision for legacy building. “It’s amazing man… the start of a dynasty right now. The whole business is more than just music. This right here is my baby steps. We just keep moving forward and keep making history,” he declares.

As for what Australian audiences can expect for Flocka’s debut tour, chances are we’re in store for a rap show like we’ve never seen before. “I’m just gonna come do what the hell I do.”

Waka Flocka Flame plays Metropolis Fremantle on Thursday, December 19. 

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