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Vida Cain

The Rule Of Gravity

The story has long been told that there is ‘something in the water’ that makes Western Australia such an incredibly fruitful hotbed of musical creativity, and if so, then Vida Cain have been drinking deeply at the well.

Rule Of Gravity is a rare beast indeed – a completely mature, self assured debut album chock full of choruses that demand singing along to and irresistible hooks that will get feet moving, heads nodding and butts shaking.

One thing you won’t get from The Rule Of Gravity is bored with the sameyness of the 12 songs on offer.

Pitching their catchy rock tunes at the FM radio friendly end of the spectrum leaves them plenty of muscle room, from Van Hagaresque anthemic rock to post grunge pop n’ roll, whilst taking in the horn-laden Stooges-Stax collision of Only Love Things, the ‘90s-heavy post funk groove of Cocaine Psycorella, but it’s near-perfect Cheap Trick-like power pop that steals the show through Cupid Dart (featuring additional vocals from Ngaire Pigram), Miss Communique and Lost & Found.

The Rule Of Gravity captures Vida Cain (named after singer Josh Johnstone’s grandmother) in scorching form and if this is what they can pull out of the hat after only 18 months together, then the future looks pretty bright – just keep drinking the water and there’ll be no stopping them.


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