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VERGE COLLECTION For The Story gets 8.5/10

Verge Collection
For The Story


Last year saw local indie-pop lads Verge Collection go from strength to strength with a tonne of airplay, many a spot on touring band’s line-ups and a continual swelling of their fan base. The first taste of the bands upcoming album has just surfaced, and it is one of the favourites from their live set, For The Story.

The four piece have a knack for making the suburban malaise sound more attractive than it actually is, and For The Story continues this run of carefree charm. The song focuses on the high jinx of the young who do questionable acts in the pursuit of collecting tales.

The solid gigging schedule has paid dividends as Verge Collection take their learnings into the studio. The guitars are crisper than before to add to the band’s appeal, while Ben Arnold puts in his finest vocal performance to date, without trying to colour outside the lines.

For The Story is destined to earworm you for the months to come with a hook that could have snagged Jaws. Verge Collection’s debut album is shaping up as a cracker.



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