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paris.berlinParis/Berlin: 20 Years Of Underground Techno

Soundtrack Of The Music Documentary

Fondation Sonore


The Paris/Berlin documentary was French director Amelie Ravalec’s debut film released a couple years back and snowballed in popularity as a bit of a cult festival favourite around the world, including its screening last year in Fremantle as part of the Fringe.

It’s a loving assembled, beautifully cut homage to the evolution of techno in two of its most influential cities, as dark and edgy as the music itself. Grainy, strobing images of underground warehouse parties are intertwined with interviews of key figures (including Adam X, Laurent Garnier and Regis) telling their stories of the development of the scene – and all the while the music is pumping in the background, the real star.

Following the recent release of the DVD, the double LP-only soundtrack is a testament to the importance of that medium in the ‘90s and features some of the artists interviewed in the film, tracks Ravalec felt represented the vibe and concept of the film – the hard, industrial sound of proper techno.

It’s eight powerful, uncompromising tracks transport you to a dark, sweaty, smoke-filled room in the middle of the night. From the wicked, heavy hitting beat of Ancient Methods’ Fourth Method into the frenetic pace of Regis’ Baptism, through the more atmospheric sounds of Oyaarss’ Future Smile Soon, to Berlin-based Brooklynite Adam X’s Robot Rebellion In 2071 and Black September from Kareem, this unique document and essential companion to the film is worth obtaining for any fan of true techno.


4 stars


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