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Vance Joy


Dream Your Life Away

Since he took Australia by storm with his number one hit Riptide, James Keogh, AKA Vance Joy’s debut album has been a highly anticipated peace of work.

Keogh’s incredibly talented musicianship showcased through his powerful lyrics and pleasant folk tunes is an enjoyable listen for a broad range of listeners, but fails to really push any boundaries. There are some weak spots on the album but a lot of positives, leaving a lot to listeners. The placement of opening track, Winds Of Change, which abruptly starts and never really kicks off is a poor one, while the latest radio single, Mess is Mine, is one of the strongest tracks on the album, with strong builds, moving snare fills and a well placed violin inclusion. Riptide is a masterpiece of fun, alongside the great combination of Georgia and Red Eye towards album’s end with hauntingly beautiful vocals in both choruses.

All interpretations aside, the album is full of strong instrumentation and is an enjoyable listen for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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