UTE ROOT Your Time Has Come/ Alan gets 3/10

Ute Root

Your Time Has Come/Alan
Roolette Records


The sewers of Melbourne are overflowing right now. Thanks to places like Cherry Bar handing out participation awards to anyone with a fuzz pedal, mediocre stoner rock burns bright.

Ute Root’s aesthetic of fishnets and fast cars is thrown into jeopardy by their underlying (read: front and centre) social conscience. The artwork of this double A-side single features a bunch of folks pushing a boulder in the form of Scott Morrison’s head up a hill. The band says in response to the devastating climate change induced bushfires, they are donating all money made from this release to the Fire Relief Fund for First Nation Communities. While the thought is admirable, the climate change part is a bit murky given this band’s image. You might want to change your name to Tesla Root before you start getting all political on us.

Is the music political too? Who knows – lead vocalist Boots wails out lines from the small book of rock cliches on Your Time Has Come: “Rack it up, stack it up, I’ll never change my ways.” AA-side Alan veers dangerously close to the sound of The Peep Tempel with second vocalist Matty doing some speak-singing about some people doing some dodgy business, or something.

All 17 of the limited edition cassettes are sold out, so you’ll need to find another way to donate. I’d hate to take the side of Scotty from Marketing here, but Ute Root would be able to donate more money if they got proper jobs.