USURPER OF MODERN MEDICINE Order in the House of Reps

Perth experimental rockers Usurper Of Modern Medicine have unleashed their latest single, House Of Reps alongside an exciting film clip.

The single is the opening track off Usurper Of Modern Medicine’s upcoming second album, Everything Is Nothing due for release, July 7, 2017 and launched at The Bird on July 14 with support from Bonney Upwelling and Akioka.

The album has been more than two years in the making and is in keeping with the band’s penchant for cross-platform art experiences. The album is an experience beyond the music, using the video clips as an interactive view into the mind behind the music.

Each vinyl copy of Everything Is Nothing will come with an augmented reality application designed by Steven A Hughes in collaboration with Perth surrealist painter Liam Dee and coder Steve Berrick, the first music-based app of its kind.

House Of Reps is out now. Everything Is Nothing will be launched at The Bird in Northbridge on July 14.