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URTHBOY Releases New Single and March Tour


Urthboy is back with new single Crushing Hard after his highly successful 2016 album The Past Beats Inside Me Like A Second Heartbeat. The new single is an unexpected slow banger that acts as a part two to his album closer Wade In The Water.

“It uses a lyric from that song and springboards into a completely different space in the same spectrum of love,” Urthboy says.

“If Wade in the Water is about an enduring love that is wonderfully imperfect and turbulent and real, Crushing Hard is about the impatient intensity that leads up to it. It’s also about not having the emotional maturity to come out and simply tell the person you like that you have a crush on them.”

Urthboy brings his Crushing Hard Tour to Perth which will see him with Joyride and Alice Ivy at Capitol in Perth this Saturday, March 4 and Settlers Tavern in Margaret River on Sunday, March 5.

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