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Multi Love


Ruban Neilson is a sucker for production. Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Multi Love is a legion of tape effects, fuzzy layering and instruments on drugs. Their third studio album lies somewhere between being a distant second cousin of psych pop and a great grandchild of 60s funk-rock.

The appeal and the magnetism of this album lies within its subjects of thought. The title track and album is hinged on Polyamory. Neilson has explained that Multi Love, thematically brilliant, was exclusively inspired by a time in his life where he experienced two of his greatest loves simultaneously.

And it’s all in the lyrics. But then you realise that, with heavy layering and texture, and a production sound that resembles a band playing through a tin can telephone, it’s not just in the lyrics at all. Neilson’s voice emulsifies with instruments and you begin to feel that it is the sound of this album that is its most outspoken aspect.

Though you probably want to hear about the brilliance of Multi Loves individual numbers, I instead strongly recommend that you just listen.


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