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TY SEGALL $ingle$ 2



Orange County savant Ty Segall has been the uber-cool underground artist of the past few years. His latest record (following quickly on the heels of this year’s Manipulator) has been billed as a cash grab for Segall, but it is more likely that he isn’t used to only putting out one record a year and felt the need to live up to his prolific reputation.

His second compilation album, $ingle$ 2, takes tunes from his numerous sold out 7” releases from 2011-2013 and gives them a new home on the one convenient location. The songs here are firmly steeped in another era as Segall again borrows from the ’60s and ’70s during his psychedelic wig-outs. Spiders is a prime example of what he does well with fuzzed out tones and a killer solo, while Falling Hair is a far more clean and melodic stroll.

Segall is as obtuse as ever with moments such as the percussion heavy instrumental Music For A Film and the guitar squealing punk of Pettin’ The Dog being housed side by side. As well as these hard to find originals, Segall also covers the Groundhogs, GG Allin and turns the Velvet Underground’s Femme Fatale on its head in such a way that the garage styled rocker almost steals the show.

Segall impressed earlier in the year with his most consistent and finest sounding record. $ingle$ 2 is an opportunity for newfound fans to get a taste of the less polished bedroom art of the fertile artist.

3.5 stars


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