Twin Beasts

Spooky Records

Since the 2012 release of Outlaws, this Melbourne posse has rode out West twice, changed their name (formerly The Toot Toot Toots) and recorded this gem. Where Outlaws was filled with revenge and brutal killings, the only casualty of Badlove is love. Not in a Taylor Swift kind of way – Twin Beasts take full responsibility.

The dual and manly vocals work magnificently, noticeably on the second track, Together Alone. If Satan could sing, he’d probably sound like Danny Eucalyptus, while Guilliano Ferla offers both angst and sombreness in a variety of songs which those of us who have experienced bad love will shamefully relate to (while singing along with).

Wasting Time provides elements of franticness and a nice touch of cheesy backing vocals; I’m No Good tones the album down beautifully; Floating Away cruises along nicely while Wicked Boys is the kind of song to sing along to the ‘la-la’s’ arm-in-arm with friends while not caring about spilling your beer.

If Nick Cave, Ennio Morricone and/or Tom Waits are your thing, there’s a good chance Badlove will be an album of choice for you.  A superb release from a band that deserves to be heard.