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Twenty Eleven

2011Fremantle-based artist Twenty Eleven’s first solo exhibition this year, Kings Crook Castles, is the inaugural exhibition at new multi-dimensional art space Feast Your Eyes. Twenty Eleven’s works will be on display until Saturday, December 22.

Fremantle welcomed the opening of a new art space from Feast Your Eyes over the weekend, a place dedicated to all facets and areas of the art and design professions. The space, run by duo Sarah Blangardio and Ariane Palassis, will be home to a new gallery, artist workspaces, product retail, educational workshops, and be a go-to centre for all artists and designers.

The space is opening with a brand new exhibition called Kings Crook Castles from Fremantle-based artist Twenty Eleven, and X-Press had a chat to the artist about his work. He explains the premise behind the exhibition. “This show is driven by ideas about local surrounds and how familiar they are, taking the everyday landscape and presenting to the viewer in a different context. Building from that, I have approached the idea of who inhabits this new landscape and what relation they have to the system of authority in place in this landscape.”

Twenty Eleven has been interested in art, particularly the heavier, grungier side, from a young age, growing up during the late ‘80s wave of graffiti art – from that point on, he was hooked. Earning quite a name for himself on the Australian art scene, the artist has regular showcases around Perth, and was the Fremantle Festival Artist in 2011.

Many artists have a preference when working with certain materials, but Twenty Eleven tends to dabble in a bit of everything, though always focusing on landscapes, shapes and formations. He explains that the Kings Crook Castles exhibition is very diverse in terms of the materials used. “This show features painting, screen print and sculpture. When I paint I like to paint on wood. Whether I make the panels myself or find the materials, I always try to be aware of what I use, I don’t like wasting any materials. The sculptures are made from steel that I have collected, and the screen prints are just that – paper!”

The new Feast Your Eyes space is in Fremantle, an area known for its artistic community. Twenty Eleven works from a studio in Fremantle, and often uses landscapes and materials from around the town. “Fremantle is an incredible place to live and create. I’m not sure that this reflects in my work, but I find it hard to think what I would do if I did not have this town as a base,” he says.

When questioned about the inspiration and drive behind his artwork, Twenty Eleven deigns from naming particular artists or role models. “My inspiration comes from people who work hard – not so much their artistic practice or style, but people who dedicate themselves to what ever facet of their life that makes them happy. I am driven by people who are working towards their goals or have achieved them. That, I think, is amazing.”

So, what’s up next for Twenty Eleven in 2013? “I have a couple ideas for painting shows that I will work on but I’m going to focus on some 3D works in the immediate future. I have some fun ideas in store!”

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