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TURTLE BAY TELEVISION Surface with sophomore EP

Turtle Bay Television
Local indie outfit Turtle Bay Television have announced their second EP Scared of Everything will be out on June 22 and to celebrate, they are launching it at The Bird on Thursday, June 28.

The EP was largely written and recorded by vocalist and guitarist, Thomas Cockram, who describes the release as “more personal than our previous work, whist still keeping true to our recognisable sound.” The EP reflects upon his personal process of being diagnosed with a mental illness and the resulting combination of both confusion and morbid relief. Thomas Cockram shared the story of these challenges and how it has influenced his songwriting in our interview last year, which you can check out here.

Turtle Bay Television have previously shared the stage with Tired Lion, Felicity Groom, Ziggy Ramo, and J.F.K. among others, and have recently added a saxophone, a second vocalist and a trumpet player to their live lineup.

Other local acts, DIY Rainclouds, Telete and Simone & Girlfunkle complete the lineup for the band’s EP launch.

Turtle Bay Television’s Scared of Everything EP is out June 22. The band play The Bird on Thursday, June 28. 

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