TURA NEW MUSIC A feast of sonic opportunities

Tura New Music have released the details of their October/ November program, featuring shows by artists from all disciplines in a range of venues across the city.

Following last Tuesday evening’s performance from experimental musician/visual artist Robin Fox at The Sewing Room alongside Akioka (read our review HERE), the similarly experimental Inland Concert Series on October 21 comprises a massive lineup of musicians including Aviva Endean and Breaking Waves who all come bearing specially crafted shows of their own. The performances will take place at St Paul’s Catholic Church in Menora beginning at 4pm.

Disruptive Critters, an exhibition comprised of researcher-designer Dr Jonathan Duckworth and composer James Hullick, arrives at Freo’s PS Artspace on October 29 and runs until the 31st. With elements of interactivity, sound and visual beauty alike, this is one for the whole family.

November 14 will mark the final installation in the series, being that of the GreyWing ensemble who appear at the Old Customs House in Fremantle with their show Ex Machina. Seven works will be presented starting from 7.30pm, each inspired by the mechanical and explores the distinction between “organic and assertive” sounds.

For more information about Tura New Music’s October/ November program, visit