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TuneYardsNikki Nack
4AD/Remote Control Records

There is no shortage of looped vocals or infectious polyrhythms on Nikki Nack as Merrill Garbus explores matters close to her heart. Find A New Way reflects on Gabus’ need to sing and make music all the while backed in a playful rhythm whilst coming to terms with the many factors at play. Water Fountain is melodically superior to almost anything that has carried the Tune-Yards name previously, and is impossible to shift from your conscious after the first listen.

Garbus’ feminist views get an airing for Stop That Man and Manchild, but lack the cohesion to be bold statements of themselves. Malay and John Hill are bought in as producers to bring some of the heavyweight sheen they have given to Frank Ocean and M.I.A. in the past and manage to do so without knocking off any of Tune-Yards’ eccentricities.

There is no doubt that Tune-Yards are an acquired taste, but those willing to invest the time will reap considerable dividends. Nikki Nack is a booty shaking romp through the fertile mind of Merrill Garbus.


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