Sounds From The Other Side

Shock Records

The product of a hectic 12 days of solid recording at Sydney’s Rancom Studio, Tumbleweed’s latest offering covers a vast range of tempo’s and emotions over its 13 tracks.

Possessing a beautifully warm, organic analogue sound and stemming from the minds of obviously well experienced song writers, it is perhaps this extended time in the game that leaves their sound a little bit tired.

This is not to say that there aren’t moments of powerful headbanging awesomeness, or that the thoughtful lyrics aren’t well placed, but there is something about this record that just didn’t pop. Additionally, had this been a live listening experience the story would be quite a different one, as there is clearly some amazing technical work at play by these talented musicians.

Perhaps the most tasty offering is the final track ESP, a six-minute opus of effects and evolving, progressive chords. For fans of heavy, riff driven music, this album is definitely not one to be missed.