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Having released most of their previous tunes as free downloads or on CD-R’s at shows, Discipline is the first attempt at a full blown release from Auckland’s Trust Punks. Modern conventions are thrown out the window with the album having only seven songs and clocking in briskly at just under half an hour in total.

There is a punk ethos to the tunes on Discipline for sure, but it is not at the expense of melody or excess. These songs could fit inside a few genres as long as guitars and volume are the order of the day. Through The Thicket is a highly charged piece of stylish chaos that combines competing vocals, and guitars that jump out at various angles until its sudden end.

Prone Hold is the only one of the previously freely given away singles that appears on the album. The guitar heavy tune packs a lot of ideas into its concise package and sounds like a lo-fi version of a Jane’s Addiction album crammed into one song. Trust Punks aren’t one to be tied down at times sounding more like Weezer than Fugazi, and on Leeds United they throw in a moment of drones to break the cycle.

Discipline is a raw and ragged dose of skewed pop fury that shows the many voices of Trust Punks. Discipline brings the energy of a sweaty pub to your lounge room.

4 stars


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