TROPICAL FUCK STORM Paradise gets 8.5/10

Tropical Fuck Storm
Flightless Records

8.5 /10

Ahead of the release of their sophomore LP Braindrops and subsequent national tour in October, Aussie super-group Tropical Fuck Storm return with a sprawling and epic new single, Paradise. Not ones to consider commercial interests over artistic intent, the track is a long-winding and emotional guitar epic, clocking in at six minutes and 15 seconds. While unlikely to receive radio airplay, the track will certainly appeal to as many, if not more, than TFS’s first release.

Paradise is a dark, bleak piece of work. Opening with scrawling, discordant guitars similar to 90s indie-noise acts like Polvo, the track is designed to unleash feelings of unease and paranoia in the listener. Its use of layered guitars and traditional rock drums mark a shift from the dub-inspired singles from the group’s debut LP, such as Soft Power and Chameleon Paint, and rather is closer in sound to previous single You Let My Tyres Down or The Drones’ I See Seaweed.

Equally effective, Gareth Liddiard’s vocal delivery carries the bulk of the emotional delivery of the song, as he evokes the depressing end of a co-dependent but non-committed couple struggling to move on from one another and find their own independence. Liddiard’s performance is expert, effortlessly switching between spoken lines, where he sounds on the verge of tears, to full throttle, angst-ridden roars in the chorus, each shift in momentum serving to highlight the oppressive and restrictive nature of the relationship. Against this helpless, hapless backdrop, Liddiard concludes “why hang ‘round forever? / this ain’t no Paradise.”

And while he may be right for the said couple, this single is definitely something that is worthy of hanging around forever.