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Triangle Fight

Triangle Fight

Triangle Fight’s minimalist yet rocking self-titled album makes an auspicious debut this Sunday, August 18, at YaYa’s with support from The Brown Study Band, Queens Boulevarde and Circle One. It seemed like a good time to sit down with vocalist and songwriter, Paulo Gonzales.
How did you guys form?

About 10 years ago my brother and I played together in a band called Brainhorn. Since then we have been apart doing other projects but have always wanted to collaborate again, so last year around August we finally decided to make it happen.

What’s your musical style?

We have firm musical roots in rock, experimental and electronic music, so we try to find ways to make them tastefully blend. Growing up, we were huge fans of bands like of Mr Bungle with their musical whiplash approach and also Sublime and Rx Bandits with their ability to marry genres very elegantly.

How did recording the album go?

Over the space of a few months we recorded at our home studio as we wrote the songs. We didn’t have any decent recording budget and wanted the freedom to change parts and redo takes at our leisure so it worked out well. Our drummer uses electronic drums so working with MIDI meant there was no need for drum miking and that also made the decision to record at home very easy.

What’s your writing process like?

As the main songwriter, I like to sketch out the complete songs at home on the computer and then I email the other guys to see how they like it. It’s my preferred method as the complete vision of the song can be presented and then judged more objectively. Otherwise, when we are rehearsing, I sometimes will sit silently and try to make up ideas on the spot in my head. Nothing beats smashing out a whole new song in the one rehearsal.

What’s up next?

We want to concentrate on promoting and just enjoying the fruits of our hard work. Later in the year we will take a well-deserved break when my wife and I have our baby, but we’re talking about evolving our sound, pushing our live show to new limits and possibly doing a tour of Japan in 2014.


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