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Top Twitter trends this year

With 330 million active users, twitter is one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms available in this day and age. Besides being entertaining, twitter offers a high level of user control which makes it very popular and brands and businesses love using the app to market themselves. Because of the large amount of people using Twitter, trends tend to change quickly which affects users because they are constantly needing to keep up. One of these trends is the use of growth services, akin to Twesocial, which uses organic methods to naturally grow followers. If you want to stay in the loop and keep up with the latest top trends on twitter, here is a list of these trends to make sure that you don’t miss out:

Social awareness

For the longest time Twitter was seen as a toxic and negative space full of people criticising and bullying each other but over time it has become a popular place for social awareness. This means that people are taking to twitter to shed light and raise awareness about social and political issues that we face around the world. An example of this is #BlackLivesMatter which was a movement that started after the rise in cases of police brutality towards people of colour in America. At first, the movement was not popular but with the help of twitter and the iconic hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, there has been worldwide awareness that has been raised on twitter about this issue.

This is a positive aspect of Twitter. Raising awareness about social and political issues that we face around the world.


Memes are funny images, videos or texts that spread rapidly on the internet by users. They have always been popular but they have grown significantly in popularity over time.

People enjoy memes because they are funny and because they can edit them and attach their own meaning to relate the meme to themselves. Memes can also been used as a form of political expression, relieving societal angst and brand advertising.


Another feature that people love on twitter and that is extremely popular is videos. Majority of people prefer seeing video content from brands or businesses on twitter than any other content according to A HubSpot 2017 Content Trends Survey. 50% of customers prefer engaging in video content on social media and it is estimated that 82% of the total worldwide internet traffic will be directed by video by 2022.

Although videos on twitter are not as popular as videos on other social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook, using videos on twitter has become effective. There are 2 billion video views on Twitter every day and tweets with videos attached attract 10x more engagement than tweets without videos.

The most popular types of videos on twitter are: entertaining videos, advertising videos, teasers and presentation videos.

Preventing misinformation

Information has the ability to go viral on social media very quickly making it very easy for misinformation that feed off of people’s fears and anxieties to spread. Twitter, on the other hand, is fighting misinformation. This has become a popular trend. The way in which twitter is doing this is by introducing a search prompt to make sure that searches provide results from credible sources. Twitter has also partnered with and offered free advertisements to organizations involved in the effort to stop the spread of misinformation.

Another thing that twitter has introduced is an updated policy on synthetic and manipulated media. The policy states that any content that poses a risk to public safety will be removed from twitter, so any post that shows signs of being manipulated or fabricated, will be removed quickly.

Blog posts

Twitter has always been known as being a place where you can tweets your thoughts, feelings and opinions in just a few characters. It’s never a good idea to post too much and flood the timeline with too many word posts. We have already discussed how popular video posts are on twitter but another thing that is popular is using twitter to spread blog posts. People use twitter to spread blog posts because twitter is fast-paced and there is potential for a lot of traffic on your post, which allows users to gain more followers for Twitter if the blogs are any good. You have the opportunity to reach a larger mass of people.

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