Sky Ferreira For Redken 5th Avenue NYC
Sky Ferreira For Redken 5th Avenue NYC

Having some fun with hair colour is pretty easy nowadays, and it’s surprising how much difference a swirl of pastel can make to your overall look. Technology and subsequent advances in the hair care market mean no more standing over the sink, trying to pour food colouring on your head; stories of a blue scalp, or an impromptu haircut in a week or two when the wild shade outstays its welcome, are totally old school. (Seriously, ask your mum.)

While a solid colour block, like a full head of fairy floss pink strands, is awesome, it isn’t your only option. Nowadays total commitment to a bold colour isn’t called for; you can play with the idea a little or a lot. At this point fans of rich hair colouring can work a shade in anywhere, enjoying the effect for a day, or a week. Splashes of yellow on the tips, a hint of coral at the roots, it’s all fun.

Most of us do go straight for the ends, and yes, while balayage brought the idea of different coloured tips into play, that isn’t the only style that’s popular. Working a wild shade just through the roots is a bold and striking visual effect, as if one strip of a rainbow dripped straight onto your head (in the most fashion-savvy sense, of course).

Limiting bursts of colour to one side of the skull looks pretty cool if you’ve got an accessory somewhere in a similar hue. Plaits also allow for interesting ways to create an artistic impression, either by applying a colour before you start weaving, or afterward.¬†Look online for inspiration.

And while the reflection in the mirror is flat, don’t confuse your head with a canvas. In real life those strands are more organic. Hair is fluid: it moves, and has depth. Keeping this in mind means the final product is set for awesome. Be creative, and adventurous, because the experiment won’t last forever. And think outside the box; multiple colours are worth exploring too.

One of the newest products on the market is Redken’s Color Rebel, a temporary number they’re offering for fans of what they call the colour play trend. A water-based ink with a pearlescent pigment, there’s ten to choose from (ranging across a soft lilac, Purple Riot, to a bold red, Red-y To Rock). You sponge it onto your hair, building with layers, and it lasts about two shampoos.

KEVIN.MURPHY’s COLOR.BUG is easy to use, and comes in great shades (especially the orange and the pink). Just remember to cover up your clothes when applying, to avoid wearing on more than just your hair. It’s described as a “wipe on, wipe off” colour, so no big commitment, great for a day or night out. The Shimmer is worth a look as well.

Hair colouring is a massive market now, and as society in general gets less conservative, the options become broader and more affordable. Dare and Fudge are brands offering wild shades, so take a look at their ranges too. (Choices will be impacted by your own hair’s natural tint, and also whether you’re looking for a slightly longer lasting dye, or a paint on colour.)