Top 9 Best Sports Betting Sites for Australian Players

There are lots of sportsbooks in the Australian betting market. Finding out whether they are best for you is crucial before you place a bet. However, the best bookmaker may be relative depending on an individual’s choice. But there are some things you need to put into consideration. 

Criteria like competitive odds, betting market, betting options, bonuses, promotion offers, deposit and withdrawal options, the safety of data, and reliability of bookmakers, amongst others, are very important. For these reasons, we have compiled a list of some of the best bookmakers Aussies like to patronize putting the criteria above into consideration. Check out the list below.

SportsBet Australia

Sportsbet is one of the biggest and world-class sportsbooks. It is also one of the oldest and most reputable bookmakers in Australia. It is a widely known bookmaker and has the best betting odds for Australian punters. The company is one of the most reliable bookies in Australia.

Tab Australia

Tab is also one of the oldest wagering companies in Australia. It is a famous sportsbook with a physical outlet spread throughout the country. The betting site can also be accessed from anywhere with your mobile device or through PCs.

Unibet Australia

Unibet Australia allows a wide range of betting options. You can bet on European games apart from betting on Australian sports such as AFL. The sportsbook has an excellent customer service that operates 24/7. They have a wide range of sports games and also offer punters attractive bonuses and other offers.


Bet365 is one of the largest betting bookmakers with its presence in almost all countries of the world. It doesn’t give a welcome bonus on signup, but it has some fantastic promotional offers for sports such as AFL, Soccer, NRL, and Horse racing. It has a first-class customer care service, offers competitive odds, and has a wide range of sports games. Bet365 is among the first sportsbooks to introduce their cash card, meaning that winnings can be withdrawn without delay at ATMs.


Bbet is an Australian owned sportsbook. It was launched into the online market in Australia in 2019. It has a vast betting market with good customer service.


PlayUp is a new bookmaker in the sports betting market. It offers a competitive sportsbook odd in the Australian betting market. It emerged by merging betting brands like classicBet, Topbetta, and Madbookie. The operator has a top-notch website with Apps built for mobile users.


Palmerbet is an Australian owned betting site which began operation around 2013. Since its inception, it has continued to be competitive by providing better odds, wide market range, bonuses, and promotion offers. It is one of the sportsbooks in Australia.


PointBet is an innovative bookmaker. It is the first sportsbook to introduce spread betting to Australian punters and has attracted a lot of Australian punters since its inception.


If you are a fan of Esports betting, PickleBet is probably the best for you. It is a unique sportsbook in the Australian market and worldwide as it has a wide betting market for every Esports game.


We have provided you with the best Australian sports betting sites. The similarities between the bookmakers mentioned above are that they have flexible payment methods, reliable, and are all safe to play at. They have also developed Apps to make mobile sports betting safe, simple, and convenient. 

Try out any of the bookmakers mentioned above or read the review about them to choose the one which is best for you. For more tips on sports and entertainment news, stay connected to X-press Mag.