Top 7 Films About IT Professionals and Tech Geeks

IT Professionals don’t get enough love in movies. When hackers break into a system, it is usually IT that makes some sort of mistake that lets that happen. This is even though most hacks are due to user error like accidentally downloading malware.

That’s why we appreciate these films that put IT professionals where they belong—front and center. And while not all of them make us out to be the heroes we are, they are still awesome flicks well worth seeing.

Ready to see some IT on a bigger screen than your average monitor? Here are seven films to check out.

How to Stream These Films

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1. The Matrix

Come on, when’s the last time you watched one of the greatest sci-fi movies in history. And with a sequel right around the corner, it’s time to re-engage with the series.

The whole premise is every IT professional’s dream—a worldwide simulation where programs and renegade humans battle it out. It’s AI vs. hackers and full of great twists and turns. How can you go wrong?

2. Ex Machina

Ex Machina is the onscreen version of what many IT professionals have been doing for years—testing artificial intelligence. But Ex Machina also makes us ponder some of the big questions that will hit us soon.

What does AI mean for humanity? What happens as it begins to scale? We give Ex Machina gold stars for not just being a thriller but one that makes you also think deeply.

3. Office Space

Another great 90s flick. In the days before the Dot Com bubble burst, the film centers upon a software company’s disenchanted employees. All IT Professionals now use these working environments, even the ones that are now remote.

The pointless busywork, annoying conversations, and corporate backstabbing. While not the most tech-focused flick on our list, it shows the IT world’s heart and soul.

4. The Lawnmower Man

Imagine the powers of computers turning an ordinary man into a super genius. Well, that’s the exact plot of The Lawnmower Man. The movie is honestly not the best.

But there are still so many things to love about it. First, there is so much awesome vintage tech that we’d all love to play around with now. But also, it’s hilarious some of the nonsense tech banter in there. That alone is worth watching it for!

5. Transcendence

We’ve all thought about it. What if we could upload our consciousness? That’s what Transcendence answers, and the results are not pretty.

This under-the-radar film includes mega-stars Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman and is an interesting look at what our world driven by singularity might look like.

6. The Net

Last 90s movie, we swear! In the movie, Sandra Bullock stars as a programmer who comes upon a dangerous conspiracy through the World Wide Web that threatens everybody around here.

Again, we love the 90s tech, including old school Apple laptops—before even the MacBook era! It’s also a classic tale of the dangers still lurking on the web today!

7. War Games

We said the last 90s movie. Now we go to 1983 in arguably one of the first movies really about computers. In it, a young man cracks into a military computer, which seems to be playing a game.

In reality, it could trigger World War III. The movie is full of nostalgia while also fascinating to see how far tech has come over the years.

7 Awesome IT Films

We’ve only scratched the surface of awesome films about programmers. But here’s enough to get your binge-watching started for the weekend. It may even inspire you to write your own IT professional film!